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Kubernetes Interview Questions:

04 December 2023:

What is Context in Kubeconfig?

  • A) It’s a piece of data that shows the cluster information
  • B) It’s a piece of data that shows the user credentials
  • C) It’s a piece of data that bounds the user to the cluster
  • D) It’s a piece of data that shows access boundaries

In the kubeconfig file, we have three main top sections clusters, users and contexts. clusters field stores all the clusters we have or want to communicate and consists of clusters’ API server address and CA certificate. users field stores users’ information such as a public key, private key, token, etc. In the same kubeconfig file, you can have multiple clusters and users, or in some cases, you have only one user and many clusters. contexts field bounds users to clusters, and it configures with which user we can connect to which cluster. You can also set your default context.

05 December 2023:

What is the right way to select the proper ingress class?

  • A) Set ingressClassName in Ingress spec
  • B) Set annotation in Ingress spec
  • C) Set both the above options at the same time
  • D) Set Ingress Controller config to manage all ingresses without class

In the new Kubernetes versions, using ingressClassName is become standard. The annotation model is for old versions, and it’s better to avoid using it in the latest versions. Using both of them at the same time is not possible, and if you try this, you will get an error. Also, configuring the Ingress Controller to ignore the ingress class name is not good because, in multi-ingress environments, it creates conflict for all installed ingress controllers. So, try to use ingressClassName in your new clusters.

06 December 2023:

What metrics-server does in Kubernetes?

  • A) Provide metrics about Kubernetes resources
  • B) Provide metrics about Container resources
  • C) Provide metrics about Audit logs and actions
  • D) Provide metrics about Network resources

The metrics server is a scalable component that provides containers’ metrics used in HPA and VPA resources. This component provides you with CPU and Memory metrics of containers and helps you configure your Horizontal Pod Autoscalers and Vertical Pod Autoscalers in Kubernetes. Keep in mind we also have another component called kube-state-metrics , which provides information about the cluster and resources.

07 December 2023:

In which method, if you update the ConfigMap, it automatically gets reflected to the Pod? (without restarting the Pod or signalling application)

  • A) Using ConfigMap as Pod command line arguments
  • B) Using ConfigMap as environment variables
  • C) Using ConfigMap as a volume and mount it to the Pod
  • D) All of the above options

When you mount ConfigMap and Secret resources as volumes to the Pods, Kubernetes checks for their changes and updates the files in the Pods’ containers automatically every minute. This option comes from the basic concepts of file systems: if something gets changed in the host filesystem, it must be reflected in the container filesystem as well.


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